24 Hours in New Orleans

I had the privilege of visiting New Orleans for work and was residing here for about two & a half weeks. Though I didn't have extensive free time, I managed to see a bit of the city... which I absolutely fell in love with.

If you've heard anything about New Orleans, you've probably heard the hoopla of the French Quarter. Let me tell you, it lives up to it's hype!

The architecture is amazing- extremely charming. I felt like I was wandering through a different era. It almost has a European feel to it.

First stop... beignets!

Cafe Du Monde is located right along the water. There is plenty of street parking & meters but also a parking lot which you can pay for hourly nearby.

Note: If you're traveling during COVID19, the cafe accepts cash only.

I was thrilled to see local Jazz street performers outside of the cafe giving some nice ambiance.

Nearby, was the famous St. Louis Cathedral church. It is absolutely stunning. Lucky for us, we were exploring on a Sunday and Mass was in session which was unique to see.

We perused through Bourbon Street which was eerily quiet, unlike Marti Gras. It was 90 degrees and humid so we stumbled upon a bar with a beautiful balcony for a beer.

After getting some souvenirs, we made a loop back down towards the water to explore the boats.

Before we went to explore another area, we stopped at Cafe Beignet for an iced coffee... we had some will-power to resist against another batch of yummy treats.

From there, we headed over to the Garden District which was about a 10-15 minute drive from the French Quarter. There's no true specific address, but we used the Lafayette Cemetery as our reference point. The Garden District is known for its historic mansions and beautiful architecture. It's a nice 'stroll through the neighborhood' feel.