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Why You Should Travel ALONE

Traveling alone was one of the best decisions of my life. I'm 21 years old with a passion for adventure. I don't know how to relax. I wake up everyday eager to see new places and learn new things. After learning I was unable to study abroad, I decided to treat myself and go to Greece--a destination I've been obsessed with since I was 10. None of my friends wanted to spend the money. They thought I was crazy for going alone, warning me that it's 'too dangerous.' If you can relate, know that the hardest part of the entire process is committing and actually buying your plane ticket. The rest is an experience of a lifetime. I traveled through EF Ultimate Break, a company for travelers aged 18-28. I met so many incredible people who I bonded with so fast. The majority of travelers on my trip were solo travelers, instantly uniting us with a common ground through our love for traveling. Travel companies, like EF, do a great job at making you feel safe and comfortable during the entire process. I grew so much from my experience and feel like a changed person. At the end of the day, that is what life is about-- meeting new people, doing things that push you out of your comfort zone, being independent, and living large.

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